Six Successful Steps to A Nanny Solution

Step 1: Contact

Contact a Nanny Solution by phone, email, text or website inquiry. Fill out the Family Application and pay the $200.00 deposit via Pay Pal or Credit Card.

Step 2: Interview

We interview you - Set up a time to talk to Chandra or Dawn about your specific family blueprint and your ideal nanny solution. We will go over your application and help you with a detailed job description.

Step 3: Search

Start your search - Depending on your job description, we re-interview our qualified candidates to match them specifically to your needs. We will send you profiles of our top chosen candidates for your job.

Step 4: Interview nannies

We facilitate all the scheduling of the initial interview with our candidates. We will need some specific ranges of times to schedule your interview. We recommend both parents be present during the interviews. We will help design specific interview questions tailored to your family blueprint, which helps you to determine, during the in-person interview, if the nanny is a good match for your family.

Step 5: Working Interview or TRial Day

Let’s Do a Working Interview or Trial Day - We recommend you schedule a paid working trial with the candidates you like the best. A working paid trial is normally 4-8 hours. This helps you get a feel for how the nanny matches with your home environment and gives you more time to get to know the nanny on a personal level, observe his/her skills, allow the children to interact and determine if you feel this could work long term.

Step 6: Hire your perfect Nanny

Once you’ve decided who will be your nanny, you will put together a brief formal offer. This will include the job description, hourly wage, any benefits included (holidays, vacation and expense stipends) and start date. Once an offer is accepted, we finalize your job description and expectations, help you with a Nanny Agreement and pick an official start date.

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Why Hire a Nanny?

Why Hire a Nanny?

1. The first five years of a child’s life are the most important, according to many scientific studies.

2. One-on-one interaction is needed to adapt to your child’s learning style and personality.

3. Nanny and parents work together to build a foundation and structure in the home.

4. There is more flexibility in your child’s natural schedule vs. a forced structure and routine at preschools.

5. A variety of activities, such as swimming, Gymboree, gymnastics, trips to various parks, all meaning more trips in the great outdoors.

6. Built in flexibility for your nanny to work more hours for date night or weekends, or even to travel with you.

7. A little help around the house. Most nannies will care for all things related to your child, and that includes, laundry, light cooking, tidying and sanitizing the toys, and much, much more. The upshot is that your time is freed up to be with your child when you’re at home.

8. If your child is sick, she stays home with the nanny so you won’t miss any work time.

9. You build a strong relationship with the primary person caring for your child.

10. Your child forms a strong bond with one person.

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Screening & Background Checks

• As required by California state law, we fingerprint our candidates with Trustline 

• Additional Nationwide background checks

• Legal to work within the US with Social Security Number Verification

• Minimum of 6 Early Childhood Education Units- highly prefered

• Valid Driver License & DMV driving record print out

• Valid car insurance with registration - California only

• Negative TB test & health screening - California only

• Current Vaccinations – upon request

• Current CPR certification

• Minimum of 3 years of Nanny/Child Care experience

• Minimum of 3 employment references
Our Nannies genuinely love children and promote a safe environment filled with love, positive reinforcement, acceptance and creativity.


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