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"I first met Dawn years ago when I called her to find a nanny for a young mother who was in need of immediate childcare. She had been recently widowed and was in search of a full time nanny to support her and her young child. I was moved by how incredibly compassionate and dedicated Dawn was to finding the right kind of help for this young grieving mother. So it was no surprise when I went back to work and was in need of childcare a year later that Dawn was the first person I called. Dawn listened carefully to our specific needs as a family and with each candidate she sent over she gave a very thorough and honest description of how she felt each person might contribute in various ways to our family. She facilitated the interview process in an easy going manner, was completely available to us for any questions we had, and ultimately set us up with a Nanny who we still work with to this day. I highly valued Dawn’s counsel, honesty, and work ethic. Her commitment to finding the right match for both her nannies and her families is impeccable."

- Bryce Howard

"Dawn Ferguson has always shown professionalism and just as important, if not more so, complete dedication in helping the children, families and those wishing to work in childcare with all the right matches. I myself found that match with the help of Dawn Ferguson and have been working with my family for over a year and a half. To those families and potential nannies, I would suggest A Nanny Solution, LLC with the expectation that your special match will be found."

- Asa Henry

"As a first time parent I was overwhelmed with the thought of going back to work and having our infant daughter in some one else's care. Both my husband and I thought we could find a nanny on our own through friend/family referrals. Boy we were wrong! We spent weeks doing the work on my own (outreach, phone screens, in person interviews) and were left more frustrated than when we started. We came across nice people that called themselves Nannies but we saw them as babysitters. They did not have prior infant experience or child development background. I then reached out to three nanny agencies to help us and we decided to use A Nanny Solution after talking to all three. Why - it is because of Chandra (the owner). She was prompt in her response to my cry for help. She came to our house and interviewed us before saying she had qualified candidates - the other agencies just asked me for the infant's age, our working hours and our address. Chandra went the extra mile to get to know us and our daughter - as well as see our home. She had great instincts and figured out our needs in that interview. She helped us see things we didn't even know we needed. Like time for my husband to decompress after work and before taking care of our daughter. Or the fact that our daughter had reflux (later confirmed by our pediatrician). Chandra was simply awesome. She then followed up with four qualified candidates and guided us through the interview process and payroll considerations. We have now had our nanny for two months and are very happy. Chandra even checked in with us multiple times to see how it was going and has always been willing to coach and guide me as a new mom and nanny employer. I cannot say enough good things about our experience. I am not sure what I would have done if we hadn't found Chandra and A Nanny Solution!"

- Lisa D, San Jose, CA

"Chandra, did a great job helping us with a nanny share! The in-house consultation is a must so you can get to know the parents. The candidates got better each time and ultimately she found us the right person. A huge plus for me was her responsiveness via email. With the baby I wasn't able to talk on the phone much so email was critical and her response time was excellent."

- Jenn S. Los Gatos, CA